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Haruka yakuza 5 quiz

Haruka is a little girl obsessed with vengeance against Musashi Miyamoto, whom she believes killed her family.

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For that purpose she travels to Gion to submit an assassination request to Kazumanosuke. The arrival of such a strange guest does interest Musashi at first, but he can see no profit from her appearance, and turns to go away.

When he sees her sword, however, all of that changes. An old man saw Musashi holding the slain Ukiyo and immediately assumed he was responsible. Later, Haruka would find out from this man that the sword she was holding belonged to Miyamoto Musashi. So, she sells her body in Gion to become a kamuro a sort of apprentice at the ageya an old style of brothel in pleasure districtsTsuruya.

This way, she can have some money to pay Musashi, known to her as Kiryuu, and hire him to avenge her family's death.

She believes that her family was killed by none other than Miyamoto Musashi, Kiryuu's true identity, because of the sword. Years earlier, the rightful heir to the Tokugawa shogunate's thrown had fallen out with his father. Unfortunately, this left his daughter, Haruka, to still be around to theoretically dispute the lineage. So, Tenkai orders her death and the deaths of her adoptive family.

Back in present-day Gion, she has sold her body for 1 ryou. It's not a lot of money to sell your daughter for, and the characters talk about it as though it was an extremely low amount. However, for this fee, Kiryuu agrees to set out and find the man who killed Haruka's family, bringing them to justice in other words, killing them. Of course, this sets up a situation in which Haruka will discover things about Kiryuu's past that will lead her to lose faith in him. He is, after all, the "real" Miyamoto Musashi.

Musashi is told by Marume in a surprise meeting at the Houzouin part of the Koufuku Temple that he must protect Haruka at all costs. Earlier, there was an event where Haruka was grabbed by a seemingly-licentious official at the Tsuruya ageya and dragged around by the arm. It is later revealed that he went there with the intention of kidnapping the girl.

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On one hand, this does mean that Musashi killed Haruka's family. Her father did actually die by his hand at a secret mission during the Battle at Sekigahara. However, it was really Tenkai who was behind it all. Tenkai had manipulated the scenes—and the Tokugawa themselves—in order to create a new world in which he was in control. Somehow, he gets his hands on Haruka near the end of the game, and is holding her there to further manipulate the Tokugawa.

So, Musashi is pitted against the most powerful adversary of the time by fate, and tells Haruka that she bought him a new life with that one ryou she paid him at the pleasure districts. Of course, historically, this doesn't really seem to add up. A daughter in the lineage of any ruler just doesn't seem to mean too much.

In old Japan, a young man would typically be adopted into a household in preparation of taking their daughter's hand, so, in that light, she may actually hold the key to the succession of power, but it's very unlikely. Just like in the West's Medieval times, there would be a lot of concern over the sons of a ruler, not over the daughters.A remaster of the game was released in Japan on the PlayStation 4 on June 20, It will be released worldwide on February 11,both as an automatic unlock for the Yakuza Remastered trilogy digital download and a physical release of the trilogy.

The remastered version runs in p resolution cropped to x on PS4 and 60 frames per second. Inthe Seventh Chairman of the Omi Alliance is terminally ill with lung cancer. Fearing that a newly installed Eighth Chairman might seek war with the Tojo Clanthe Tojo's Sixth Chairman, Daigo Dojimahas been traveling around the Japan to form alliances with smaller yakuza families from around the country, in the hopes of dissuading the Omi from war.

After his latest business meeting with Tadashi MadaramePatriarch of the Fukuoka-based Yamagasa Family, Daigo leaves behind his bodyguards and gets into a cab being driven by his mentor and former Fourth Chairman of the Tojo, Kazuma Kiryu.

He relays his fears about the coming alliance talks and the possible war to Kiryu, seeking advice. Kiryu, however, tells him he must forge the path ahead on his own.

For the sixth months preceding his meeting with Daigo, Kazuma Kiryu had been living in Fukuoka under the alias of "Taichi Suzuki", working as a taxi driver for the Nagasu Taxi Company.

Kiryu had left behind his life running the Sunshine Orphanage in Okinawa, since his adoptive daughter, Haruka Sawamurahad begun a career as a rising pop star, and he feared that her career would be ruined if the public discovered she'd been raised by a former yakuza.

On the night of his meeting with Daigo, after his shift is over, Kiryu goes out drinking with his boss, Youtaro Nakajimaand ends up having to save him when he gets into a fight with two Yamagasa Family thugs who'd been disturbing the hostesses at the club where they'd been drinking. After dropping his boss back at his home, Kiryu returns to his apartment and spends the night with his girlfriend, a local hostess named Mayumi.

A few days later, after taking a few fares and dealing with an illegal gang of street racers, Kiryu is confronted outside the taxi company by two Tojo Clan soldiers, Yu Morinaga and Masato Aizawa. Both men know of his true identity and demand to speak with him.

Despite initially refusing, Kiryu acquiesces when both men reveal that Daigo Dojima went missing after his talk with Kiryu.

haruka yakuza 5 quiz

The two Tojo men question Kiryu about his encounter with Daigo. They also warn him that the Chairman's disappearance has caused a rift between the Tojo and the Yamagasa Family, and war is threatening to break out between them, since the Tojo's interim chairman, Minoru Aoyamasuspects the Yamagasa may have kidnapped him. Kiryu insists that he does not know what became of Daigo, but neither one of the men believes him.

Morinaga and Aizawa attack Kiryu to try and get more answers from him, but are unable to beat him. Kiryu insists that he does not know any more than they do and leaves. Serizawa claims to be in town to keep tabs on Masaru WatasePatriarch of the Omi Alliance's Watase Family, who inexplicably travelled to Fukuoka a few days before Daigo's disappearance.Aiding celebrity chef Tatsuya Kawagoe in sampling local delicacies isn't a particularly large portion of what Yakuza 5 has to offer, but it is an important part to staying on top of combat during the closing scenes of each chapter.

Once you have given Tatsuya one restaurant lead per area, he will award you the first rank as a gourmet -- which in turn allows you to boost your health above the maximum amount and gain improved stats when you eat in a restaurant.

There are three restaurants for you to take Tatsuya to in each city. Each time you take him somewhere new, he will raise that character's gourmet rank. There are three gourmet tiers, with each one making meals even more beneficial.

There's really no reason not to do it. Once you have given Tatsuya all the leads he needs, he hosts a TV event where reveals a new local dish inspired by the restaurants you've taken him to.

The dish he reveals will be available at his selected restaurant from that point forward. Below are maps of each city with Tatsuya's location marked, the restaurants he would be interested in visiting, and which restaurant will be carrying his new local dish once you're done.

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Restaurant names are also listed to make the in-game map a little easier to navigate. Tatsuya is marked with a blue dot. Restaurants to take him to are marked with red dots. His TV events revealing his new dishes are marked with green dots. Yakuza 5 guide - Tatsuya locations and restaurants to visit. Ashley Shankle Associate Editor. Published Dec. More Yakuza Content. Yakuza Game Page. Yakuza Articles.Haruka's Trust is a recurring minigame in the Yakuza series.

In Yakuza 3when doing the main story, Kiryu can only do things with Haruka Sawamura to increase her trust in the last chapter before fighting Yoshitaka Mineor when playing the The Ultimate Adventure, where Kiryu can continue the game without the storyline.

Kiryu can go to several places with Haruka, in Kamurocho and Okinawa. Kiryu can go to all restaurants, but it will only increase her trust level if she says 'Uncle Kaz! If Kiryu does as she wants, her Trust level will increase. The same applies with going into stores to buy what Haruka requests or playing other minigames. However, Kiryu must score exactly as Haruka specifies, otherwise it will not increase the. Haruka's Trust Level starts at F going up to a maximum of S.

The higher the level is at the end of the game, the higher the overall score will be. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Do you like this video? Majima Construction is at work! This article is a stub and is under construction. You can help Yakuza Wiki by expanding it. Be sure to check out the manual before you get started! Categories :. Cancel Save.Yakuza 5 is a open world action-adventure video game developed and published by Sega.

The game picks up following the end of Yakuza 4. Since then, Kazuma Kiryu, who has changed his name to Suzuki Taichi, has become a taxi driver in Fukuoka. Taiga Saejima is serving a 2-year jail sentence in Hokkaido following the events of the previous game, while Shun Akiyama is in Osaka on a business trip. Haruka Sawamura has also left the orphanage in Okinawa and is currently in Osaka pursuing a career of becoming an Idol.

She currently lives independently in Osaka and practices singing and dancing, though her talent agency is not all that it seems. The new character in the series, Tatsuo Shinada, is a former baseball player who was given a life ban for gambling, but may have been framed. It was considered the one of the "Best Games" on the Playstation 3.

From Awesome Games Wiki Uncensored. Yakuza 5. I can take another name, and build a new life But on the inside I'll always have that instinct, no matter how much I hate it. I'm yakuza through and through.

Guile only gets you so far in this game. Remember that. You won't get another chance - Kazuma Kiryu. File:Yakuza 5 Review xpx. File:Yakuza 5 - Substories- Cyberterrorism An actual substory in the game. File:Yakuza 5 Review-1 xpx.

File:Yakuza 5 Review - Yakuza Fan xpx. File:Yakuza 5 Review-0 xpx. Hidden category: Pages with broken file links.The game is the fifth main entry in the Yakuza series. A remaster with improved resolution and frame rate was released for the PlayStation 4 on June 20, in Japan, and worldwide on February 11, as part of The Yakuza Remastered Collection. For the first time in the series, it features five settings across Japan along with five playable main characters.

The gameplay is relatively similar to previous games in the series, with a few changes. Similar to past games, gameplay is divided into two components: Adventure Mode and Combat Mode. Adventure Mode allows players to explore different areas and participate in side activities including mini-games and retro games such as Virtua Fighter 2 and Taiko No Tatsujin.

The cities are also significantly bigger than previous games, providing more areas to explore in the game and is said to feature the greatest volume of play spots across cities in the series' history. The change between the game's Adventure Mode and Combat Mode is also said to be more seamless than previous games, which involved a transitional change when encountering enemies whilst in adventure mode.

Controls for the game have also been said to have been improved "dramatically" as with the tempo of the game's combat mode. The game features five main protagonists, the highest number of main protagonists of any game in the series, with the previous highest being Yakuza 4's four main protagonists.

haruka yakuza 5 quiz

The game features series protagonist, Kazuma Kiryuthe main character since the original Yakuza game. One of the new main protagonists is Haruka Sawamuraa recurring character of the series since the original game. Though she has always been an integral part of the story, she has never been a playable main character before the game.

For the first time in the series, the game features five distinct locales across Japan.

haruka yakuza 5 quiz

First of which will be returning from previous games is Kamurocho a. The three new cities in the game are Nagasugai, part of the fictional Fukuoka based on NakasuTsukimino, part of the fictional Sapporo based on Susukino and Kin'eicho, part of the fictional Nagoya based on Sakae.

With his apparent death, the truce between Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance breaks down, leading to potential war. The Tojo Clan is forced to strengthen their organization by aligning themselves with older clans based in other major cities across Japan, in order to create a new organization rivaling that of the Omi Alliance, breaking the old traditional barriers of Clan territories in the process.

In order to expedite this, Daigo personally leads the delegations sent to negotiate with the other yakuza in Fukuoka. Daigo then leaves to meet discreetly with Kazuma Kiryu, who has been living under a different identity as a taxi cab driver.

Yakuza 5 Characters

They inform Kiryu that Daigo has gone missing and that the last person he had contact with was Kiryu. They learn Aoyama has taken the position of interim chairman.

Kazuma rushes to the hotel where Madarame and Aoyama are only to find Madarame stabbed after trying to shoot Aoyama.

#8 So Much More (Haruka) Yakuza 5

Aoyama was planning to take over the Tojo Clan and frames Kiryu for attacking Madarame and shooting Morinaga. Kiryu fights his way out, but Aoyama detonates bombs in the hotel to destroy the evidence. Madarame reveals Daigo had gone into hiding as he believed that Aoyama was making an attempt on his life.

With Daigo sorting out affairs incognito, Madarame gives Kiryu a letter for Yahata.

Yakuza 5 guide - Tatsuya locations and restaurants to visit

Kiryu meets with Yahata and shows him the letter ordering the dissolution of the Yamagasa Family. Kiryu tears up the letter, saying that the Yamagasa need to remain intact to keep the peace in Fukuoka. Aoyama confesses his real intent to lure Kiryu out of hiding. Morinaga admits to murdering Aizawa and declares that Kiryu go to Kamurocho for answers.

While Kiryu makes preparations to return to Tokyo, he hears on a radio broadcast that Goro Majima is found dead in Sapporo. In Sapporo, Hokkaido, Taiga Saejima is serving out his sentence with complications. Saejima and Baba learn that Kugihara framed Baba in order to provoke Saejima. They kidnap him during the Snow Festival via the sewer system and he talks with Saejima. Kitakata reveals that Majima suspected a conspiracy within the Tojo Clan, but is murdered by Baba to cover it up.

Saejima is spared by Baba, and is directed by Serizawa to Kamurocho as in order to act as his informant. In Osaka, Haruka Sawamura is training for the Princess League J-pop competition in order to make her big debut, having been scouted by Mirei Park of Dyna Chair under the condition that Kiryu leave the orphanage in order to keep Haruka's past clean.These are the characters that debuted in the fifth game of the Yakuza series.

One of the new playable characters who only appears in Yakuza 5. Shinada is an infamous baseball player who only had one at-bat. That at-bat ended up getting him banned from playing baseball due to accusations of stealing signs from the opposing team, the Gigants.

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Fifteen years later, he's an adult entertainment writer for a newspaper, is dirt poor and indebted to several people, and is too lazy to find a real job. His luck changes when he's approached by a Mysterious Backer to learn the truth behind his expulsion from the game. Who turns out to be his old friend from high school, Daigo Dojima. Current chief of Tojo headquarters, and assistant to Daigo Dojima.

A shrewd man who runs the Tojo Clan like a tight ship, eliminating any weaknesses. He has promoted newer families that pledge loyalty and produce results, while mercilessly cutting off senior families that cause scandals, and this severity has earned him criticism. Although he doesn't bring as much muscle to the table as the Majima Family, there's no doubt he's the real second in command of the Tojo Clan now.

He planned to kill Daigo during negotiations with the Yamagasa family but Daigo caught on and went underground, but the truth is that he was ordered to bring Kiryu out of hiding. Always cordial and willing to follow his orders to the letter, he carries out his duties together with Aizawa. He was held responsible for Daigo's disappearance after the talks with Madarame in Nagasugai and searched the area for him frantically with Aizawa, and seeks Kiryu's help in finding him.

He is normally silent at Morinaga's side, but once riled up, it's hard to calm him down. He's put in a tight spot after Daigo vanishes following the talks with Madarame in Nagasugai, and searches for him everywhere with Morinaga.

Haruka's Trust

He survives his supposed death by Morinaga and ends up in Tokyo where he meets Saejima, and they fight to discover Morinaga's whereabouts. The Patriarch of the Yamagasa Family, a yakuza group that controls the Nagasugai entertainment district in Fukuoka.

He knows the Yamagasa Family pales in comparison to the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance, and prefers peaceful ties over conflict. Being old-school yakuza, he values etiquette and he even treats the much younger Chairman Daigo Dojima with the respect of an equal. Yamagasa Family Lieutenant. A typical hot-headed man from the mainland who tends to let his fists do the talking.

Fiercely loyal, he wouldn't hesitate to lay his life on the line for his boss Madarame. He fights Kiryu after Aoyama fingers him for the attack on Madarame. He swears revenge on the Tojo Clan and was prepared to go to war, but Kiryu convinced him to leave the fate of the Yamagasa family in his hands.

Owner of the Nagasu Taxi Co. Despite the pressures of running a new taxi company in a place like Nagasugai, where competitions between rival cab firms is fierce, he always has a smile on his face. A year veteran of the industry, his employees have a lot of trust in him. Like many men from the mainland, he's laid back and loves to drink. Six months before game's events, he found Kiryu wandering Hakata and gave him a job, taking him under his wing.

A hostess at the Club Olivier in Nagasugai. She came to like Kiryu after he saved her from some local Yakuzas. After that, she visits his apartment occasionally and takes care of him like a housewife would, whether he likes it or not.

It turns out she is the daughter of Yamagasa patriarch Madarame, and serves as a mole for him. She feels guilty for deceiving Kiryu, as her feelings for him were real. But she couldn't share this with him, as she knew he would someday leave her.

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